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What is the Small Group Bundle?

The SGB is the lowest cost / highest value employee benefit program for businesses with 2 to 100+ employees

It was developed to allow employers to create a personalized employee benefit program that is much more affordable than employer sponsored group health plans.

The Small Group Bundle has become the new standard for employee benefits!

What benefits are available to choose from?

When you request a SGB quote, we provide a menu of plans and rates for two different types of benefits. Then, you choose the benefits that’s a fit for your business!

First-dollar health insurance products

Pays cash to help cover high deductible insurance plans and other related expenses

  • Accidental Injury - up to $15,000 benefit for medical expenses resulting in an accident
  • Hospitalization - up to $17,500 benefit for hospitalization
  • Critical Illness - up to $20,000 benefit for illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, cancer and more
  • And more…..

Income protection insurance products

Products to protect household income when the unexpected happens

  • Life insurance with AD&D - up to $100,000 benefit
  • Short-term disability - up to $1500 / week benefit for 13 or 26 weeks
  • Long-term disability - up to $10,000 / month benefit until retirement age

How do I get a Small Group Bundle quote?

  • All Quotes are Free
  • All coverages are guaranteed-issue. No health questions asked!
  • Husband / wife companies are eligible
  • We include groups up to 100% family related
  • Home based businesses can be written on a case by case basis
  • Simple on-line enrollment

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